Physician's certification, additional diagnostic equipment enhance JPMC's sleep medicine services


MAYFIELD, Ky. - Sleep disorders and their affects are more than an irritation or inconvenience -- they are actual medical illnesses. And, left untreated, some disorders can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack, as well making it more difficult to control high blood pressure, diabetes and other health issues.

Dr. Roberto Dos Remedios, pulmonologist at Jackson Purchase Medical Center, recently became board certified in sleep medicine and is an integral part of JPMC's continuing improvements and expansion of sleep medicine services.
Dr. Bob is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

A reorganization of the sleep lab and the acquisition of additional technologically advanced equipment provides a full range of diagnostic tools for Dr. Dos Remedios and the JPMC sleep lab staff.

"I have been treating patients with sleep disorders using sleep lab and in-home studies  for the past four years," said Dr. Dos Remedios. "The lab improvements and my certification are just examples of our commitment to provide the best care possible for those conditions."

Dr. Dos Remedios said sleep apnea is one of the most frequent conditions that he treats. It is the severe cases that complicate a patient's existing health conditions -- sometimes creating life-threatening results.

There are other conditions such as narcolepsy, periodic limb movement, insomnia and the abnormality with stages of sleep that require treatment. Polysonograms that record several body functions during sleep, as well as other tests to determine how long it takes a person to fall asleep and if he or she awakes multiple times during the night are also part of the evaluation.

"For a person to be studied, he or she has to have a comfortable environment," said Dr. Dos Remedios, who added the JPMC lab is much like a hotel room.  "The lab staff is well-trained and very compassionate. We'll do our very best to treat our patients' sleep disorders and significantly improve their quality of life and overall health."

For more information about JPMC sleep medicine or to reach Dr. Dos Remedios please call our physician referral line at 251-4580 or 877-554-JPMC.


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