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The health of the baby and mother is our primary concern at the New Beginnings Birthing Center. To help assure a safe delivery, we bring you the services of a highly skilled staff. Anesthetists are also available during birth, and our surgical unit is prepared if a cesarean section delivery is necessary.

Prepared Childbirth

We believe that the experience of childbirth and parenting are enhanced when parents can assume their roles with knowledge of what to expect, strategies for coping, and techniques to optimize the many positive features. Obstetrical nurses teach the parents-to-be what to expect during childbirth and how to prepare through relaxation and breathing techniques. Additional education is offered through virtual prenatal education courses, free of charge to our patients with discount code "JPMC."

Unit Tours

We know it is of the utmost important for you to be comfortable when giving birth. You want to be prepared. We try to help make this possible by offering tours of our Birthing Center. Whether you are already a patient at Jackson Purchase or you are deciding where to give birth, you can come take a look at our unit, including the large, private rooms we provide for each of our new mothers. When you arrive in labor, you will be assigned a room to stay from delivery to discharge. You do not have to relocate! Also, thanks to our rooming-in policy, your new baby will stay right in the room with you. A special bed offers flexibility of positions during labor and delivery. Call us to schedule a tour.

Newborn Health Screenings

Your new baby's care is now your top priority. Ours, too! First moments matter. That's why we perform a series of screenings on your newborn to ensure he or she is healthy and ready to go home! Your baby will be given a hearing test, a pulse oximetry to test for Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD), and a Newborn Metabolic Screening, which involves taking a small amount of blood from your baby's heel. The blood is sent to the Kentucky State Lab to test for 48 different medical disorders. Our wonderful nurses will be right there with your baby to ensure his or her comfort throughout these simple but important tests.

Does your new baby need a pediatrician? Find one.

Kangaroo Care

Our Birthing Center staff promotes kangaroo care to all new moms and babies to encourage bonding at birth! Kangaroo care is a special way to hold your baby. After birth, your baby wears only a diaper and is placed directly on your chest. You can hold your baby right after the delivery, while you are in the hospital room, and while you are home. Doctors say this is the best care for your baby. Tell your care providers before birth if you would like to "kangaroo." Learn more.

Baby's First Lullaby

A new father or sibling can sound the first lullaby to announce your baby's birth to the whole hospital! Ask our staff about playing the lullaby.


Expecting mothers who have planned a cesarean section with their physician can pre-register for delivery by calling the Birthing Center at 270.251.4185.

Obstetrics Physicians

Jackson Purchase Medical Center houses three women's health physicians specializing in obstetrics and gynecology as well as gynecological surgery. Learn more about our Women's Health services.

For more information, call the New Beginnings Birthing Center at 270.251.4185, or to schedule a women's health appointment, find a doctor

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