Visiting Hours

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Jackson Purchase Medical Center has flexible visiting hours and they are arranged according to the patient’s condition and/or family needs and the patient has the right to have one (1) representative present at all times.

Visiting hours may be postponed or cancelled in the event of an emergency or during certain procedures being performed in the unit so please call ahead. In addition, visitation is not permitted during shift changes and the doors will be closed from 6:30am -9:00am then again from 6:30pm -8:30pm, during these times the patient’s representative may remain in their room thus allowing the nurses the ability to focus on the care of their patients. During the hours previously mentioned nurses will only accept phone calls related to direct patient care.

Child Visitation in CCU

Children under the age of 16, supervised by an adult family member are permitted to visit under the discretion of the physician and the nurse. In some cases children can be traumatized by the circumstances/procedures witnessed in the Critical Care unit and we ask that you properly prepare your child for such an experience.

Guest of the patient must be free of communicable diseases and respect the hospital’s infection control policies.