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Are you preparing for childbirth? Call us for more information.

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Prepared Childbirth

We believe that the experience of childbirth and parenting are enhanced when parents can assume their roles with knowledge of what to expect, strategies for coping and techniques to optimize the many positive features. Obstetrical nurses teach the parents-to-be what to expect during childbirth and how to prepare through relaxation and breathing techniques.

Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care is a special way to hold your baby. After birth, your baby wears only a diaper and is placed directly on your chest. You can hold your baby right after the delivery, while you are in the hospital room and while you are home. Doctors say this is the best care for your baby. Tell your care providers before birth if you would like to "kangaroo." Click here to learn more.

Women's Health Physicians

Jackson Purchase Medical Center currently houses one women's health physician.

For more information, call the New Beginnings Birthing Center at 270.251.4185, or to schedule a women's health appointment, call 270.251.4543

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