Housekeeping & Environmental Services

How would a hospital operate without clean bedding for patient rooms, or sanitized areas where there once was an infection or area that could be contagious?

If the hospital was not kept sparkling, spic and span, how many patients, visitors, and families would want to receive their health care there? How could physicians perform their surgeries and nurses provide first rate, personalized care if there were no clean linens, scrubs or the rooms remained dirty?

Housekeeping services are provided by our Environmental Services Department which is dedicated to providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment for all hospital patients and their families. Patient rooms and common areas are cleaned daily by courteous, compassionate and professional staff members.

When it comes to closing the infection control loop in a healthcare facility, the staff members of the Housekeeping & Environmental Services Department play a critical role, supporting Jackson Purchase Medical Center's hospital-wide goal of preventing the transmission of pathogens.