Physician Referral & Appointment Service

270-251-4580 (local) or
1-877-554-JPMC (toll-free)

DocLink is a physician referral and appointment service provided by Jackson Purchase Medical Center. This free service is available to all physicians on the medical staff who meet specific criteria.

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Working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, our experienced Call Advisors provide consumers with background information on the physician's credentials, office location, office hours, languages spoken, and policies on payment and insurance. We can then match a patient to the practice based on their insurance, home or office address, medical concerns/issues, or language preference. We also offer to transfer callers directly to the physician's office to schedule appointments, remaining on the line until an appointment is made.

Jackson Purchase Medical Center promotes DocLink as the single number people can call to sign-up for our hospital's classes or to get general information about our services. The local and toll-free phone numbers are used for all hospital advertising and as the "call to action" for all product line and services promotion.