The Pharmacy Department at Jackson Purchase Medical Center is regulated by the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy, which serves the Commonwealth to promote, preserve, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare through effective regulation of the practice of Pharmacy, and is under the direction of Cynthia Elliott, RPH, CDE. The pharmacy is staffed by at least one Registered Pharmacist (RPh) seven days a week.

Hospital Pharmacists
Hospital pharmacists are responsible for ensuring the safe, appropriate and cost-effective use of medicines. Hospital pharmacists use their specialist knowledge to dispense drugs and advise patients about the medicines they have been prescribed. They work collaboratively with other health care professionals to devise the most appropriate drug treatment for patients. Their duties include:
  • Contributing to the treatment decision-making process - this includes highlighting a drug's potential side effects, identifying harmful interactions with other drugs and assessing the suitability of treatments for patients with particular health conditions;
  • Liaising with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to ensure the delivery of safe, effective and economic drug treatment;
  • Preparing and quality-checking sterile medications under special conditions
  • Ensuring medicinal products are stored appropriately and securely to ensure freshness and potency;
  • Being responsible for the accurate dispensing and timely distribution of drugs and medicines for inpatients or outpatients;
  • Supervising the work of pharmacy technicians
  • Responding to medication-related queries;
  • Keeping up to date with, and contributing to, research and development, often in collaboration with medical staff and colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Writing guidelines for drug use within the hospital, preparing bulletins and implementing hospital regulations.
Pharmacy Technicians
Under the direction of the Registered Pharmacists are Pharmacy Technicians.

A pharmacy technician is defined as an individual working in a pharmacy, who under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, assist in pharmacy activities not requiring the professional judgment of a pharmacist. The pharmacy technician is accountable to the supervising pharmacist, who is legally responsible by virtue of state licensure for the care and safety of patients served by the pharmacy. The pharmacy technician performs activities as the result of having certain knowledge and skills.

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