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Watch a short video about REACH and what it means at Jackson Purchase Medical Center.

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Learn more about nursing opportunities and how we can help you REACH your full potential.

Nursing Opportunities

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Reach: Retention and Recruitment

Lyndi Qualls, RN
Lyndi participated in the Nurse Residency Program at Jackson Purchase and then joined the Step-Down Unit full-time as an RN in 2021. She's now working in the PACU and helping to recruit the next generation of JPMC nurses!

Reach: Education

Raye Hargrove, RN
Raye recently completed the LPN-to-RN bridge program at Madisonville Community College with tuition reimbursement from Jackson Purchase. She will now serve as an RN in the ER after nine years with the hospital!

Reach: Advancement

Natalie Taylor, RN
Natalie was promoted from a registered nurse in the Critical Care Unit to director of the CCU after eight years at Jackson Purchase. She is now fulfilling her passion of working closely with nursing students at the hospital.

Reach: Culture

Noah Heine, RN
Noah wasted no time jumping into the JPMC culture and volunteer at the annual Easter egg hunt during his first week in the Nurse Residency Program.

Reach: Honors

Hannah Lyles, RN
Hannah was awarded a DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses in April 2022 for her exemplary commitment to patient care!

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